Pilots & ATC’s

Dr.Katrina Platt is an AME

​Aviation Medical Examiner designated by the Federal Aviation Administration​. She has been working with​ private and commercial​ Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers​ (ATC)​ for the past 3​  years. She is known for her thoroughness, caring bed side manner and knowledge of this industry.​ Her responsibilities are to assist the FAA in determining if the airman is medically fit to fly and perform her/his duties as an ATC/pilot/aircraft mechanic. She also is an Independent Medical Sponser designated by the Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS)​. She works with Airmen/ATC on a one to one basis to help them return to flight and duties.

For all standard exams please give our office 2 week notice of appointment time/date. We do offer “after hours” appointment (for a nominal extra fee) for those in need (as the schedule can accommodate).

If you are an ATC applicant, please make sure to have your supervisor fax over your Pre-Employment paper work prior to your appointment (if it does not arrive by the time of appointment, you will not be able to be seen) our fax is: (909) 307-1065

All AIRMEN, make sure to have your MEDXPRESS filled out and bring the confirmation with you at the time of your appointment. You may visit https://medxpress.faa.gov/ to complete this process.

Special Issuance – this is a category for our Airmen that have had medical issues that require elevated exams/documentations and monitoring by an AME. Fee’s for such appointments are slightly increased do to the time file/management of each individual. We suggest that you book an evaluation prior to coming in for your medical. This additional step prepares airmen and doctor.

HIMS – is an occupational substance abuse treatment program, specific to pilots, that coordinates the identification, treatment, and return to flight process for affected aviators. It is an industry-wide effort in which managers, pilots, healthcare professionals, and the FAA work together to preserve careers and enhance air safety.